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Optimum FS Non-spill Nozzle

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The Optimum FS fuel nozzle and receiver unit both feature a unique cam-based coupling that positively and securely locks the fuel nozzle to the vehicle during filling and automatically engages the built-in venting system to avoid pressurising the vehicle’s fuel tank.


A pressure-sensing unit inside the nozzle is activated when the fuel within the vehicle’s tank has reaches a pre-determined level. This automatically closes the main valve and prevents further fuel being dispensed into the tank. An easy to see indicator pops up on the top of the nozzle indicating when the tank is full and fuelling has been completed. No additional connectors or complicated cable assemblies are required.


The single trigger controls the three valves within the system. This makes the system extremely easy to use and ensures a spill-free fill every time.

The innovative system eliminates many of the fuelling problems faced by operators, particularly waste, siphoning and contamination, while delivering the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retrofitted to most vehicles in 10 minutes
  • No spill dry break - saving time & money
  • Automatic cut off - preventing overflowing & spillage
  • No contamination
  • No siphoning or unauthorised vehicles
  • Reduced foam
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