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Fuel Card Integration & Management

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FUELlink Card Integration & Management software allows companies to monitor fuel usage and mileage across their fleet via Retail Fuel Cards.


Invoices for these transactions are forwarded to the customer (normally at set periods of 7, 14 or 28 days) accompanied with a data file. This file details each individual transaction that has taken place using the fuel cards and identifies vehicles (or drivers) concerned, amount of fuel drawn, cost of the fuel and the date/time.


We can create an integration program that allows the customer to send the whole file into our fuel management software at the touch of a button. This breaks the information down and separates each individual transaction, allocating them to the relevant vehicles (or drivers).


Using our Telematics Partners we can also populate the fuel record with Odometer information when the file is entered into our software, by retrieving historical information relevant to the vehicle and the date/time of the fuel draw.


This allows the customer to accurately calculate MPG, observe patterns and query anomalies.


This facility has no set up cost and is available for £1 per vehicle per month and is scalable for larger fleets.


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